With the tearing down of Hayward Field some parts of this site are now dated but the general intent remains the same: We deeply respect Phil Knight. We love The University of Oregon. We love Nike. We love Track and Field. We are dedicated to making sure that Hayward Field is rebuilt in ways that reinforce and carry the values that made it so great forward to a future equal to it’s brilliant past.



8/20/2018 -

Good News!

New illustrations have been released by The Design Team that show and opening up of the the North end of the stadium.

This is a step in the right direction. There are still many things that need to be addressed. The drawing below illustrates several other important changes and possible additions that would preserve and extend the values.

  1. 1)The roof line is extended to cover all seats.

  2. 2)The North End opening is increased

  3. 3)Emphasis on opening structure to the University and the neighborhood.

  4. 4)Inventive changes in seating possibilities and viewing areas.

  5. 5)Transparent wind deflectors eliminate the gusts that so often create wind aided racing conditions down the back stretch.

Please check in, postings will be made as The Design Team reveals more details and as we collect more useful ideas and perspectives. The Plans section reviews the history of proposed designs. The site explores and documents the values.