Dear Phil,

            Well, now it is all up to you. The University did its part, the City followed suit. The Gift is gone, The Sacrifice complete. What happens next is in your hands. The entire world of  Track and Field is watching and we are all hoping we can count on you.

            While the East Grandstand was our Stradivarius and it didn’t have to go, what’s more important is that you level with us from now on. While it would have been a most fulfilling challenge to integrate and elevate the existing structures and  power and magic that they carried, blending it in harmony with the new, it will be a worthy and possibly more difficult challenge to start from scratch and follow through. As the Witness page that follows states, “The images released by the University in 2018 refuse to address this challenge, retreating to destroying the current structures and offering mediocre copies of existing solutions that are familiar to the IAAF and therefore seem safe bets to win the IAAF’s approval of Eugene to host the World Track and Field Championships.”

          We know that you are capable and we know that the design is a work in progress. Please share with us your process as you address the parts and pieces. Explain your goals and solutions in detail and trust us to understand. We are not asking for a place at the table just appropriate consideration as we share our observations here, with our/your community and the press. This website has presented and will continue to present our observations and what we believe are the important considerations. Please take it kindly and include it in your brief and in your choices.

                                         Thank  you

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