Ellis Lawrence Speaks

My friend Bill Hayward recently briefed me on the proposed demolition of Hayward Field and what has been released on the proposed new stadium. As the designer of  32 buildings on the University of Oregon campus, including the East Grandstand at Hayward Field, I have many concerns. I share Bill’s call for open communication, transparency and public engagement in the process. As the principal planner of the Campus environment, the needs of the students, student athletes and the surrounding community of citizen were foremost in my considerations. I cannot see those concerns in the current proposal.

  1. 1)The design may well be hailed by the track world and published in all the Architectural Journals, but it does not fit the site.

  2. 2)It appears to violate the Campus planning guidelines and criteria.

  3. 3)It ignores City of Eugene urban planning goals and criteria.

  4. 4)It disregards the well documented agreements made and partnership forged over many years with the Fairmount Neighbors.

  5. 5)Beginning Architecture and Urban Planning students are taught that understanding context and scale must be central to considerations. The scale of this propose build is completely out of context.

  6. 6)Historically, the grandstands at Hayward Field have sheltered, comforted and allowed open access to fans, community and athletes.

     The proposed designs do not reflect these essential attributes.

Finally, to echo Bill’s statement, these issues strike at the very core and meanings of The University of Oregon and need to be address in an open and public forum. I look forward to hearing your thoughts

Kind regard,

Ellis F. Lawrence

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