The challenge is to create a design that seamlessly and harmoniously creates a bridge, a fusion between what is and what can become, maintaining the human and architectural values that we have, while leaping forward. The images released by the University in 2018 refuse to address this challenge, retreating to destroying the current structures and offering mediocre copies of existing solutions that are familiar to the IAAF and therefore seem safe bets to win the IAAF’s approval of Eugene to host the World Track and Field Championships, to paraphrase Steve Prefontaine this is clearly sacrificing the gift by giving  less than your best.

        The alternative designs presented here in the Plans section are steps in the right direction and clearly demonstrate that a seamless and harmonious fusion is possible. The brilliant solution still lies ahead of us and we must not rest until we find it. To begin this journey, view Renzo Pianos solutions for the Morgan Library the Gardner Museum and also view the open, welcoming architecture of the Stadio San Nicola. Renzo is the modern master of such problems. Let’s examine his work and scavenge the world and the limits of our imagination. The Gifts we have been given are so very valuable, we must not fail.

What we are witnessing in the destruction of Hayward Field is the end of Oregon Track and Field as it has been practiced for over 100 years. As athletes, coaches, fans and community, what we created, fought for, shared, basked in, relished and enjoyed enormously, was a collective, very public, very open process. Public process is now banished, the muzzled silence we now witness, is it’s shroud.

What Bill Hayward most engendered, what he kindled at his field and passed on to many others was belief in development. What he fostered as a mentor was a place where working together, individuals and teams that appeared to be deficient, through focused recognition, innovation and belief could surprise in their performance, oh my, how they could rise.

A very different place and process now transpires. A few individuals hold the reigns of power. They will construct a Coliseum with a Tower for events of many types to happen. They will rebrand  it to fit their fancy, to honor those who they serve or they admire.

This website speaks clearly, honestly and openly for those who came before them, who lived, spoke, dreamed and conjured into being the meanings they will replace.

May the Coliseum and the Tower serve the community. We remain hopeful the those holding the reigns of power will “ Not Sacrifice the Gift” by hearing our appeals to maintain the magic by creating a fusion of the values embodied in the existing architecture with inspired additions. If not:

May other entirely different places carry the names, intentions and legacy, the torch of Bill Hayward and Bill Bowerman, and the spirit of Steve Prefontaine forward into the future.

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